CES recruitment  

We understand that making a career move is serious business.

• Do you feel you are worth a promotion that reflects your achievements?
• Do you long for more of a work/life balance?
• Do you need to adapt your work pattern to suit your changing lifestyle?
• Are you interested in hearing about international options?
• Are you looking for a fresh challenge that can offer you more intellectual satisfaction?

Contemporary Executive Solutions can advise you with how to plan proactively for your career future.
Our consultants have international experience placing actuaries at all levels.
CES are continually and actively pursuing placements in South Africa and also have contacts internationally. Our experience and expertise can assist you with establishing what you are worth in the market and identify the dynamics, which will influence your next career step.

We can assist you with creating your curriculum vitae, advice on interviewing, assessing a job offer, negotiating your salary or how to implement your resignation.

Please be assured that all personal details and conversations are treated with utmost confidentiality and under no circumstance will your CV be submitted to a company without your prior consent. We do, however, request our candidates to work solely with CES for an initial time period agreed to by both parties.

This method will prevent your CV from being over exposed and will maintain a level of professionalism. CES are obliged to give each candidate accurate feedback regarding interviews and endeavor to do so promptly. Your all round business and analytical skills can open up all manner of opportunities. We are here to assist you in shaping your career the way you want it!



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